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Rhodonite Double Terminated Pendant

Rhodonite Double Terminated Pendant

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Rhodonite Double Terminated Pendant 

Approximate Stone sizes (excluding setting)
Small  3 x 1cm
Med  approx 4 x 1cm
Large  approx 4.5 x 1.5cm

DISCLAIMER - We cannot give medical advice and do not guarantee any medical outcomes with the use of our products. Please see a medical professional for any information regarding disease, diagnosis and/or treatment. 

Rhodonite Is one of my personal favourites for its colour alone, rhodonite is an extremely beneficial stone to introduce into your life for its promotion of joy, love, healing, and balance.

A powerful healing stone for relationships, the Rhodonite crystal encourages clear communication, the lifeline for a strong and healthy union. When it concerns psychological and emotional health, Rhodonite excels. It heals deep trauma and puts you on the journey to unconditional kindness and compassion. Rhodonite is prepared to get out to play on aiding you in deconstructing whatever may be damaging your identity for people who still want to rid their souls of suffering and knock down the obstacles which may be dragging them behind.

Every affection relates to self, so the more we can shine in the brightness of our personality and skills, the more prepared we will be to direct that fondness outside and launch it swirling into the cosmos. Assume you have difficulties with desertion, deception, etc., that correlates to toxic relationship views. Rhodonite, in that instance, may be an excellent relationship helper to help you put your romantic life in order. It is a gemstone that promotes shared trust and the willingness to make concessions from a position of genuine and sincere affirmation.

Meditate with the Rhodonite crystal meaning and go deep within to clear away old patterns and uncover the true passions of your heart. Rhodonite is a stone of inner growth as well and helps with self-love. Rhodonite is also a calming stone, with energies used for easing anger as well as calming stress and anxiety.

Other heart chakra stones emanate a more gentle frequency of love but with the Rhodonite, get ready for a super-charged jolt of heart energy that’s strong enough to pick you up anytime you’re feeling low in the romance department. At times, love might hurt but Rhondonite reminds us that painful emotions are temporary.

Each piece is unique and may vary slightly from the photo

All metaphysical items sold by Spirit & Stone, are tools to help you connect deeper with your own powerful energy. It is ultimately up to you, the user, to do the inner work. Choosing the right stones for yourself and/or others is an intuitive process, one to enjoy and trust that your selection is exactly what it was meant to be. Our products can be used for positive thoughts and enhancing your powerful energy when used for your own personal intention and empowerment.

We are excited to play a small part in your spiritual journey. May you find your most magnificent qualities within yourself, and the beauty you hold within.

We truly hope you enjoy your experience with us.

Love and Light.

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