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Pink Moonstone Tumble

Pink Moonstone Tumble

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Pink Moonstone is also known as Pink Flake Feldspar, and range in colour from beige to peach with white and translucent veins that are caused by hematite inclusions within the stone. There are many myths and legends that explain the creation of moonstone. The Hindus thought that it was formed by actual moonbeams while the Romans thought it was the drops of moonlight as it fell on earth. Moonstone in general and especially Pink Moonstone is strongly associated with the power of the Divine Feminine and all things associated with love, sensuality and fertility. One legend even says that if two people that are both wearing moonstones sit under a full moon, they will fall deeply in love. Some people view the Pink Moonstone as the “stone of psychics” as it connects to the improvement of one’s psychic and intuitive talents. But a more apt name would be the “stone of the heart” for the ways it connects and aligns with the vibrations in your Heart Chakra and gently opens you up to spiritual and physical love.

Natural stones vary in colour & size making each stone unique. 

Our metaphysical items sold by Spirit & Stone, Inc are tools to help you connect deeper with your own powerful energy. It is ultimately up to you, the user, to do the inner work. Choosing the right stones for yourself and/or others is an intuitive process, one to enjoy and trust that your selection is exactly what it was meant to be. Our products can be used for positive thoughts and enhancing your powerful energy when used for your own personal intention and empowerment.

We cannot give medical advice and do not guarantee any medical outcomes with the use of our products. Please see a medical professional for any information regarding disease, diagnosis and/or treatment. 

We are excited to play a small part in your spiritual journey. May you find your most magnificent qualities within yourself, and the beauty you hold within.

We truly hope you enjoy your experience with us.

Love and Light.

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