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Chrysocolla Double Terminated Pendant (Medium)

Chrysocolla Double Terminated Pendant (Medium)

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Elevate Your Energy with the Chrysocolla Double Terminated Pendant

Material: Crafted in fine 995 Sterling Silver

Size: Medium

Design: Double Terminated

Gemstone: Chrysocolla

Embrace the soothing power of Chrysocolla with this beautifully crafted double terminated pendant. Known for its vibrant blue-green hues, Chrysocolla is not just visually stunning; it's also a stone of communication and tranquility.

Key Features:

  • Harmony and Voice: Chrysocolla is celebrated for its ability to bring peace, tranquility, and stronger communication skills.
  • Energy Flow: The double terminated design allows energy to flow smoothly in both directions, amplifying your intentions and harmonizing your body's energy centers.
  • Craftsmanship: Each pendant is meticulously crafted in high-quality 995 sterling silver, ensuring durability and a luxurious finish.

Whether you’re seeking to enhance your communication abilities or simply add a touch of serene beauty to your everyday look, this Chrysocolla pendant is a perfect choice.

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