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Chaorite Tumble - Rare

Chaorite Tumble - Rare

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Discover the mystical allure of our rare Charoite Tumble, a gem known for its vivid and swirling patterns of purple. Each tumble is a little piece of the far-flung corners of Siberia, where this captivating stone is exclusively found.

Explore the Unique Essence of Charoite:

  • Vibrant Transformation: Charoite is not only rare; it's a stone of transformation, helping to overcome fears and integrate positive change. It's perfect for those looking to turn a new page.
  • Spiritual Insight and Awakening: Known for its deep spiritual connections, Charoite can enhance intuition and open the heart to higher guidance and unconditional love.
  • Emotional Healing: This stone is a balm for the soul, offering profound emotional healing. It helps clear stress and negativity, replacing them with calm and clarity.
  • Physical and Psychic Protection: Charoite is also believed to offer protection against a variety of physical and psychic disturbances, guarding your wellbeing on multiple levels.

Not Just a Stone:

  • Carry a Piece of the Cosmos: With its celestial purple hues, this Charoite tumble is like holding a fragment of the night sky in your palm.
  • Enhance Your Meditative Practice: Use it during meditation to deepen your connection to the spiritual world and to support personal growth and healing.
  • A Rare Treasure: Due to its limited availability, owning a piece of Charoite is particularly special for collectors and spiritual seekers alike.

This Charoite Tumble isn’t just a stone; it’s a rare and powerful ally in your journey towards personal and spiritual fulfilment.

Each piece approximately 32-40g 


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