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Chakra Essential Pack - Brazilian

Chakra Essential Pack - Brazilian

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Uncover Balance and Harmony with Our Chakra Stone Packs

Each carefully curated pack contains a complete set of seven stones, specifically chosen to align and balance your chakras. This set includes:

  • Onyx: Grounding and protective
  • Blue Quartz: Calming and communicative
  • Amethyst: Intuitive and soothing
  • Clear Quartz: Amplifying and clarifying
  • Aventurine: Prosperous and heart-healing
  • Citrine: Energizing and creative
  • Carnelian: Motivating and stabilizing

Stone Specifications:

  • Size: Each stone is thoughtfully sized between 20mm and 40mm for easy handling and placement.
  • Uniqueness: Just like you, each stone is unique. While they may vary slightly in appearance from the images shown, each one is chosen for its quality and vibrational energy.
  • Dimensions: Given the natural variations in these stones, dimensions are approximate.

Embrace the energy of the earth and find your inner balance with our Chakra Stone Packs, perfect for enhancing your spiritual journey.

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