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Amazonite Tumble

Amazonite Tumble

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 Amazonite reminds you to live in alignment with what makes you truly happy. It soothes your nerves and brings you into a state of peaceful awareness. It calms your brain and nervous system and reminds you to set healthy boundaries in your relationships in order to maintain steady emotions. Amazonite works to bring you to a deep sense of peace and empowers you to express your authentic self while moving beyond the fear of being judged. Amazonite activates your throat chakra and shows you how your words create your reality.

DISCLAIMER - Natural stones can vary in colour making each stone unique.  
Our metaphysical items sold by Spirit & Stone, Inc are tools to help you connect deeper with your own powerful energy. It is ultimately up to you, the user, to do the inner work. Choosing the right stones for yourself and/or others is an intuitive process, one to enjoy and trust that your selection is exactly what it was meant to be. Our products can be used for positive thoughts and enhancing your powerful energy when used for your own personal intention and empowerment.

We cannot give medical advice and do not guarantee any medical outcomes with the use of our products. Please see a medical professional for any information regarding disease, diagnosis and/or treatment. 

We are excited to play a small part in your spiritual journey. May you find your most magnificent qualities within yourself, and the beauty you hold within.

We truly hope you enjoy your experience with us.

Love and Light.

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